Battle Begins in4D 19H 51M 52s
Informații Server
General Information
Server Version Season 15 EP 1-3
Experience 50x
Drop 30%
Master Experience 50x
Server Settings are Made for Reborn Level 400 Keep Stats 5/7 Points per Level
Monster Damage Defense HP Increased , Server Set For Reborn, Will keep you WAKE UP
Max Points Per Atributte 30 000
Max Reset 20
Reset Function Active Type /reset in game
Character Created Level DL 250/MG 220/RF 200/GL 200/Sla 240/Sum 200/RW 200
How To Get WCoins ?
Vote For US 20WCoins
Blood Castle Reward 10WCoins
Devil Square Reward 10WCoins
Chaos Castle Reward 10WCoins
Dopple Ganger Reward 10WCoins
Imperial Event Reward 10WCoins
Illusion Temple Reward 10WCoins
Nightmare Kill Reward 100Wcoins
Crywolf Event Reward 500Wcoins
How To Get Goblin Points ?
Goblin Points By Online Time:5 GP / 1 Hour. Killing Evomon,Invasion,Bosses
Rabbit,Pouch,Ghost,Evomon Reward 1GPoints
Gorgon,IceQueen,Barlog,DeathKing Reward 5GPoints
RedDragon,Hydra,Zaikan Reward 10GPoints
White Wizard Reward 30GPoints
Nightmare Reward 150GPoints
Erohim Reward 180GPoints
Kundun,Special Evomon Reward 200GPoints
Medusa,Selupan Reward 250GPoints
Lord of Ferea Reward 280GPoints
Lord Silvester Reward 300GPoints
Core Magriffy Reward 350GPoints
Nix Reward 450GPoints
God of Darkness Reward 600GPoints
Balgass Reward 5000GPoints
Mastery Box
Mastery Box (Minor) 500~1000 Ruud
Mastery Box (Standard) 1000~2500 Ruud
Mastery Box (Greater) 2500~4000 Ruud
Common Boxes
Silver medal Jewels , Low tier sets from +7 up to +11
Gold medal Jewels, Mid tier sets from +7 up to +11 (Luck/opt)
Box of Heaven Jewels, Exc rings & pendants / Pet panda (255life) / 500 Ruud box, SD Potions (50 U.N), Complex Potions (50 U.N)
Box of Luck Normal and exc rings & pendants
Muun Boxes
WereRabbit Egg Muun pets, Evolution Stone
Lucky Bag Egg Muun pets, Evolution Stone
Fire Flame Ghost Egg Muun pets, Evolution Stone
Evomon Box
Minor Evomon Box Jewels
Standard Evomon Box Excellent Rings/Pendants
Greater Evomon Box Excellent High Tier Weapons & Normal/Excellent 380 Weapons
Luxurious Evomon Box Excellent PVP Rings/Pendants, Seed Sphere (1-3)
Magnificent Evomon Box Ruud (1000~5000), Wings of Angel and Devil (1 Day)
Legendary Evomon Box Ruud (3000~8000), Wings of Conqueror (1Day), Golden Fenrir (1Day), Mysterious Stone
Labyrinth Box (Maze of Dimensions)
Labyrinth Box (Minor) 500~3000 Ruud
Labyrinth Box (Medium) 2500~5000 Ruud
Labyrinth Box (Higher) 3500~8000 Ruud
Common Events
Blood Castle Ancient Items, Jewels, Miracle Coin, Rare Item Ticket(1~3)
Chaos Castle Ancient Items, Jewels, Miracle Coin, Rare Item Ticket(1~3)
Devil Square [ONLY 4~7] Talisman of Luck, Talisman of Chaos Assembly, Elemental Talisman of Luck, Elemental Talisman of Chaos
Illusion Temple Errtel Radiance, Mysterious Stone, Wings of Conqueror (1D), PvP Rings & Pendants, Seed Sphere 1~5, Rare Item Ticket 1-2-3
Last Man Standing Gold Fenrir (1D), Wings of Angel and Devil (1D), Wings of Conqueror (1D), Pentagram Lv300, Rare Item Ticket 1-2-3
Acheron Guardian 1000 ~ 5000 Ruud, Pentagram Lv300
Mini Games
Mu Rummy Ruud Box, Miracle Coin
Jewel Bingo Jewels
Find Bombs Ruud Box, Rare Item Ticket 1-2-3
Event Monsters
Moon Rabbit WereRabbit Egg, Zen
Pouch of Blessing Lucky Bag Egg, Zen
Fire Flame Ghost Fire Flame Ghost Egg, Zen
Evomon Evomon Box
Special Evomon Legendary Evomon Box
Ice Queen Jewels, Ruud
Gorgon Normal/Excellent Sets +7 ~ +11
Balrog Normal/Excellent Sets +7 ~ +11 (mid tier)
Red Dragon Normal/Excellent Sets +7 ~ +11 (mid tier)
Hydra Normal Weapons / Shields +9 ~ +13 (mid tier)
Zaikan Excellent Weapons (mid tier)
White Wizard Jewels, Wizard Ring
Kundun Ancient Items, Excellent 380 Sets, Excellent 380 Weapons, Normal Bloodangel Weapons, Jewels, Condor Flame
Erohim Excellent BA, DA, HA, AS, BE Sets (Only armor)
Dark Elf (Crywolf Event) Ancient Items, Sphere Upgrade Rune Capsule, Mastery Box
Balgass (Crywolf Event) Excellent 380 Weapons, Normal BA, DA, HA Weapons, Condor Flame
Nightmare Excellent Weapons (Mid tier), Excellent Sets (Only Armor - Mid Tier), Jewels
Maya Hands Excellent Sets (No Armor - Mid Tier), Jewels, Ruud Box
Selupan Socket 380 Sets, Jewels, Condor Flame, Ruud Box
Medusa Socket 380 Weapons, Excellent 380 Weapons, Normal Bloodangel Weapons, Condor Flame, Ruud Box
Lord Silvester Socket 400 Sets, Socket 380 Weapons, Pentagram Lv300, Jewels
Core Magriffy Muun Pets (Pawn, Repen, Grippus), Pentagram Lv300, Fragment of Radiance Slot, Mysterious Stone, Errtel (all)
Lord of Ferea Sealed Bloodangel Items, Errtel (all), Pentagram Lv300
Nix Seed Sphere (1~3), Pentagram Lv300, Errtel (radiance), Mysterious Stone
God of Darkness Garuda's Feather, Pentagram Lv300, Mysterious Stone, Seed Sphere (3~5)

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Informații Server

Server online since:
Version:Season 15 Part 3
Master Experience:15x
Majestic Experience:35x
Max Level:1200
Reset Level:400(Keep Stats)
Total Conturi212
Total Personaje341
Total Breasle8
Utilizatori Activi103

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